Marcus Walker

Recent Projects

Melanated Bacterial Cellulose.

Developing a self-dyeing bacterial cellulose material, through the genetic engineering of melanin synthesis in Komagataeibacter rhaeticus.

This is GMO.

Collaborating with biodesigner Jen Keane to grow a self-dyeing shoe upper.

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CONTAIN: Open source COVID-19 testing.

A collaborative proposal for low-cost automated COVID-19 testing based in a shipping container lab.




Self-dyeing textiles grown from cellulose-producing bacteria with engineered tyrosinase expression.

Walker KT, Keane J, Goosens VJ, Song WZ, Lee KY,Ellis T


Bacterial cellulose spheroids as building blocks for 3D and patterned living materials and for regeneration.

Caro-Astorga J, Walker KT, Herrera N, Lee KY, Ellis T.

Komagataeibacter tool kit (KTK): a modular cloning system for multigene constructs and programmed protein secretion from cellulose producing bacteria.

Goosens VJ, Walker KT, Aragon SM, Singh A, Senthivel VR, Dekker L, Ellis T.


Engineering Bacterial Cellulose by Synthetic Biology.

Singh A, Walker KT, Ledesma-Amaro R, & Ellis T.

CONTAIN: An open-source shipping container laboratory optimised for automated COVID-19 diagnostics.

Walker KT, Donora M, Thomas A, Phillips AJ, Ramgoolam K, Pilch KS, Oberacker P, Jurkowski TP, Gosman RM, Fleiss A, Perkins A, MacKenzie N, Zuckerman M, Danovi D, Steiner H, Meany T,


Engineered cell-to-cell signalling within growing bacterial cellulose pellicles.

Walker KT, Goosens VJ, Das A, Graham AE, Ellis T


Expression of the arsenite oxidation regulatory operon in Rhizobium sp. str. NT-26 is under the control of two promoters that respond to different environmental cues.

Corsini PM, Walker KT, Santini JM


Non-linearity of the collagen triple helix in solution and implications for collagen function.

Walker KT, Nan R, Wright DW, Gor J, Bishop AC, Makhatadze GI, Brodsky B, Perkins SJ.